I was an editorial fashion and portrait photographer in NYC and London for 18 years. Notable subjects include Kevin Bacon, Lenny Kravitz, Kate Moss, Morgan Freeman, Captain Beefheart, Sinead O’Connor and many other actors and musicians. My work was featured in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, Vogue, British Elle, Bomb, and album covers. I was a rare woman in a very, very male-dominated field, trying to capture the female figure and attitude in the form of a narrative. Preview the collection of my best photographs from 1979-2016 here (some below; scroll down). Purchase the book at Amazon.

Audrey in Black Scarf, silver gelatin print 11x14

Audrey in Black Scarf, silver gelatin print 11×14

The photographs I made for myself were my best, and that is what is collected here. I could work intuitively without the input of a client. This is what I showed in my portfolio.
The theatrical potential of photography excites me. It evolved and expanded into my work as a painter.  I am the director, and the models or figures are the actors. The story is often absurdist – a theme I continue to explore later with oil paintings inspired by my photographs. Visual narratives, the images present heroines balancing feelings of mystery or foreboding with a sense of celebration. They have some kind of task or important mission. The images are about the hardest part of the trip; the intersection between potential and conflict.



self portrait

Self Portrait,  1979 Berkeley, silver digital print



(If I used my photograph as inspiration for an artwork, I’ve included it under the image of the painting)

Bullwinkel loves mixing “danger and fun” in order to synthesize the light and dark aspects of life. She puts, in the words of the symbolist Odilon Redon, ‘the logic of the visible … at the service of the invisible.’ “
– DeWitt Cheng

Ellen The Magnificent, color dye transfer print

Ellen The Magnificent, 1980’s, color dye transfer print

bowlmore, silver gelatin print, 11 x 14

Bowlmore Lanes, Downtown NYC, 1980’s, archival digital print

sonia on the road

Sonia on the Road, East Village 1980’s, archival digital print 8×10 inches.

traveler india, silver gelatin print with toner

Traveler, 2017,  silver gelatin print with toner

sophia, 11 x 14 inches, silver gelatin print

Sophia, 2018, 11 x 14 inches, silver gelatin print, mordencage effect

bathtub theatre, silver gelatin print, 11 x 14

Bathtub Theatre, 1980’s, silver gelatin print, 11 x 14

cecilia, silver gelatin print

Cecilia, 1980’s NYC,  silver gelatin print

milanese street performer

Rope (Milan), 1980’s archival digital print. On the other end was a fabulous escape artist.

3 Mannequins East Village 80's, archival digital print

3 Mannequins East Village 80’s, archival digital print

stripes train station, interview magazine

Stripes Train Station, Interview Magazine, color dye transfer print. I am obsessed with stripes.

blitz blue hat

Blue Hat, Blitz magazine circa 1987

tub shot

Tub, silver gelatin print, 1980’s

self portrait nyc

Self Portrait with Jim, Downtown NYC 1980’s, archival digital print

parking lot scene

Parking Lot Scene, 2012, digital archival print.

tea party brouhaha

Tea Party Brouhaha, 1995, digital archival print.

violet and esme

Violet and Esmé,  2017, mordencage effect on silver gelatin paper. My children.


Awake, 2015, silver gelatin paper with toner


Esther and Granddaughter, 2002, archival digital print

light out for the territory, silver gelatin print

Light Out for the Territory, silver gelatin print

rest time

Rest Time, digital print

quintana and joan

Quintana and Joan, NYC. Quintana was my friend and a photo editor at Elle Decor.


Carousel Baby, archival digital print

white bears

White Bears, 2016, archival digital print


Plaza Girls, digital image made on iphone

Plaza Girls, 2016, digital image made on iphone


Flower Girl, silver gelatin print 11 x 14 inches

Flower Girl, silver gelatin print 11 x 14 inches

Living Room With Saw, digital color

Living Room With Saw, 2015, digital color