Before painting, I was a photographer in New York City and London for 18 years, hired by Andy Warhol, and working on assignment for Vogue, British Elle, Interview, The London Sunday Times Magazine, Bomb, and others. I wanted to capture the female figure and attitude in the form of a narrative, usually fantastical and sometimes absurdist – a theme that I continued to explore when I began painting and etching.So the Darkness Shall Be The Light And The Stillness The Dancing, 48 x 36 inches, oil on canvas

Each painting is part of an imagined whole, similar to a frame from a film. The images are narrative and allegorical. They feature heroines and animal-heroes who balance feelings of mystery or foreboding with a sense of celebration. The uncertainty is internal or indicated by a brutal quote (by “45”) in a recent series of 6 paintings and 6 etchings/monotypes. The women and girls have a task, an important mission. The narrative suggests a sense of fun, because fun and humor is a good foil for conflict.

The animals are similar to animal familiars; part of a person’s spirit in animal form. This kind of creature is one’s protector, and one protects it in turn. The beasts help the people survive and fulfill their quest. They have their own agenda as well, undefined but potent. There is mystery about the relationships in the paintings, as in reality.As their creator and director, I bestow upon my characters the goodness they want, deserve or need. The images are about the hardest part of the trip; the intersection between potential and conflict.

I moved to New York City in the early 80’s with the outlandish idea of becoming a fashion photographer (outlandish because I had no connections to a notoriously competitive world). I was enamored of the intensely theatrical possibilities in fashion, which now translate more purely for me to painting. I studied art and literature at Montclair State University and University of California at Berkeley. Born in Northern California, I spent my childhood hanging out and making art alongside my mom in her ceramic studio, playing for hours in the woods in our canyon, and concentrating on imaginary characters I invented. Eleven years ago I moved to Bend, Oregon.

Djerassi Artists Program, Woodside, CA 2017
Playa Summer Lake, OR 2018
Kala Institute of the Arts, Berkeley, CA 2018
Brush Creek Artist Residency, WY 2018
Ford Family Foundation Grant 2017
Ringholtz Award 2016

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instagram: paula_bullwinkel
facebook: Paula Bullwinkel Art

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2019          Figuratively Speaking, At Liberty Gallery, Bend, OR

2019         Artists’ Annual Show, Kala Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018         Déjà Vu, Bend Art Center, Bend, OR

2018         Chasing Ghosts III, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

2018         Prince Street Gallery, 10th Annual Nat’l Juried Exhibition, Chelsea, NYC

2018         Rise: Empower, Change and Action! Whitney Modern, Los Gatos, CA

2018         Solo Exhibition, The Poet Is A Thief of Fire, Franklin Crossing, Bend, OR, April

2017         Art Department Faculty Show, paintings and glazed ceramics, COCC, Bend, OR, December

2017        Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Fall Show, Portland, OR, November

2017        Eclipse, Bend Art Center, OR, August

2017        Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Spring Show, Portland, OR, May

2017        HeArt of The Matter (political group art show), Franklin Crossing, Bend, February

2017        Bend Art Center / A6, “Printing The Gamut,” Bend OR

2016       Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Fall Show, Portland, OR

2016       Ube Art, Berkeley, CA

2015       Portland Art Museum RSG, Spring show, Portland OR

2015       Solo Exhibition, Play It As It Lays, Atelier 6000, Bend, OR

2014       Solo exhibition, Hastings Cone Gallery, Vashon Island, WA

2014       Franklin Crossing, Figurative Painting, Bend, OR

2012       Beyond the Demos, Jordan Schnitzer Museum, Eugene

2011       Solo exhibition, Virginia Inn, Seattle, WA

2010       Beyond The Demos, PNCA, Portland, OR

2010       Where Are We Going, TBDloft, Bend, OR

2010       Solo exhibitionThe Figure, Franklin Crossing, Bend, OR

2009       Solo exhibition, All the Fun, The Pines, Hood River, OR

2009       Double Exposure, A6 /Atelier 6000, Bend, Oregon

2009       Memento Mori, Poethouse, Bend, OR

2009        Navigator News, Sisters, OR

2008       Illustration, Atelier 6000, Bend, Oregon

2008       Tumalo Art Gallery, Bend, OR

2006       Solo exhibition, Gallery 3.5, Montclair State Univ., NJ

2005       Gallery 3.5, Montclair State University, New Jersey

2005       Women’s Resilience/Que Pasa Aqui, Montclair State, NJ

1997       Solo exhibition, Hudson Grill Gallery, New York, NY

1995       Mars Bar Gallery, New York, New York